You’ve gotten comfortable in your relationship. There are a few irritations tha…

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You’ve gotten comfortable in your relationship. There are a few irritations that crop up, but nothing you want to make a big deal about.

You’re in a groove of managing your daily activities and responsibilities… so is he.

But… have you thought about insurance for having a long lasting relationship? Not the kind you buy and renew each year.

But… the kind that requires you to look at all areas of your own life, and then your needs in those areas in partnership with your significant other. It’s not as easy as you think.

There are so many things that play into having a happy long-lasting relationship. Many are subtle, subconscious even… and many are about the hurts from your past.

You may think, none of that has anything to do with today and this relationship.

But… it does have an impact.

So, let’s unpack it together and insure you have a long-lasting relationship.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dar…

If I could share just one thing with you today, let it be this: you have the power to shape your relationship into what you want it to be.

I am Dar, the Relationship Healer. I help couples to solve the communication and relationship issues that could potentially tear them apart. 

Until I started on the coaching path that led to my formulation of the Relationship Languages, most of the problems in my life had been due to problematic relationships… relationships where I felt unable to communicate, where I was not being heard, where I was not feeling understood. 

I have learned that, to create happy, healthy, and harmonious relationships even when you have differences, you have to learn how to give and receive communication in a healthy way. You have to feel safe expressing how you feel and what you need. 

That’s the beauty of the Relationship Languages. Once understood, they are the key to safe, curious communication. 

I’m here to help you on your journey to understanding and being understood. 

From my heart to yours,

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