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Download your 15 Essential Conversations for Couples Guide

There are 15 key topics couples need to talk about, make agreements and set boundaries for, support each other with, and ensure mutual understanding and respect is present.

Including topics like what you need for emotional support, how you partner on finances, establishing and growing trust and respect, this guide will put you and your partner on the path to a healthy, happy, and harmonious relationship.

This essential conversation for couples guide will provide you with the 15 key topics, a self assessment to measure your current health with each, and conversation starter scripts to help you gain support from your partner in areas you would like to make better, together. 

Get your 15 Essential Conversations Guide for Couples for just $19.99.

Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationships are created by building relationships skills

The 15 Essential Conversations Guide for Couples will build essential relationship skills to get you on the path to having a happy, healthy, harmonious relationship that lasts.

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Dr. Dar Hawks, Relationship Coach For Couples - Wishing You Happy, Healthy, Relationships

Hello, I’m Dr. Dar

Your Relationship is Your Priority

Relationships are the cause of our joy and our pain.

I know how hard it can be when relationships are causing pain. In fact, every problem I have had in my life is the result of unhealthy relationships. Better Relationship Toolkit

Dozens of failed relationships sent me on a journey to better understand what was happening inside my relationships – and the impact I can have on a relationship. 

My travels through self-awareness, and my subsequent professional training in couples, life and family coaching have enabled me to discover and pursue my mission: helping others to create happy, healthy and harmonious relationships. we be happy in ourselves, in our family units, in our communities and – yes – in our world. 

And that’s why I have created my Relationship Success System for you. I want you to have the tools and support to fully understand your relationship and the power you have to shape that relationship into the source of joy you want it to be. Better Relationship Toolkit

I’m so glad you are here as it shows that you value your relationship, that you are ready to create change, and you know it’s time to get support. This is your incredible first step.

Explore the advice and services I have to offer. If you have any questions, I am here. Just head to the Contact Me button and I’ll be in touch. Better Relationship Toolkit

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar 

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