The Better Relationship Coaching Huddle

A safe coaching space for you to transform your relationship

with compassionate support and professional guidance

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Your Better Relationships Coaching Huddle

Yes, a successful relationship takes work. But it is worth every moment when the result is a happier, healthier, and more harmonious relationship.

Imagine understanding…

  • What a happy relationship actually looks like for you
  • The healthy relationship habits that will shift the energy with your partner
  • How to set your boundaries while embracing those of your
  • The communication skills that lead to harmony rather than conflict.
Better Relationship Huddle Couple Communicating - Dr Dar Hawks
Better Relationship Huddle - Couple - Dr. Dar Hawks

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Inside the Better Relationships Coaching Huddle

With the support of a professional relationship coach, you will explore who you are in a relationship, what brings out the best in you (and the worst!), and what your needs are. Once you know what you really want in your relationship, you’ll learn how to set your boundaries and ask for what you want, all while embracing the needs of your partner.

Your time in the Better Relationships Coaching Huddle will empower you to…

  • Share all your thoughts and feelings about your relationship without judgment
  • Address your partner’s behaviors and actions which are     impacting the relationship
  • Appreciate and work with your differences and similarities
  • Share negative emotions without going on the attack or      becoming defensive
  • Figure out how to handle anger – yours or your partner’s
  • Understand the power of acceptance and letting go – and how to achieve this
  • Create plans for the future of your relationship
  • Feel safe, supported, and heard.

how it works

How does a Better Relationships Coaching Huddle Work?

When you are ready to create the relationship you desire and deserve, book your session using my online calendar. I’ll send you a Zoom link.

It is highly recommended that you complete my free Relationship Languages Quiz before we meet, as this will give us a head start in understanding your needs.

The Huddle is 90 minutes long but be sure to leave some extra time in your calendar in case we run over or you need time to process everything we go through.

You will share with me the biggest issue in your relationship right now. 

As an experienced couple’s coach, I’ll then aim to cover the relationship skills which are most relevant to you. This could include some of the following:

  • What you really want from your partner and how to get it
  • Setting and respecting boundaries
  • What an emotional wave is and how to ride it successfully
  • Identifying what you can control and how to let go of what you can’t
  • Strategies for co-existing while conflict is present
  • How to spot healthy and unhealthy behaviours in your relationship
  • The power of the neutral zone when faced with challenges

Whatever we explore, you will leave with 3 Relationship Actions you can take straight away. You’ll be empowered with clear guidance on what to do or say to improve your relationship.

You’ll be well on your way to a happier, healthier, more harmonious relationship.

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An Affordable Alternative to

Couples Counseling or Couples Therapy

Your Better Relationships Coaching Huddle will be $297.

Traditional therapy invests significant time determining how a couple got into the problems they are having by digging into childhood issues, and evaluating past relationships and trauma. 

My approach as a relationship coach is to focus on identifying the current issues you are experiencing, in the present, with a spotlight on resolution, positive results, and preparing you for your future together. Any identification of what there is to unlearn from your past is to understand how it is impacting your progress and relationship today.

My Commitment to You


I will provide you with a safe, supportive space where you can finally open up about everything happening in your relationship.


I will listen to you with a warm, compassionate heart without judgment or criticism.


I will implement my years of training in psychology, relationships and coaching to give you real, actionable steps that you can take to improve your relationship.

Your Commitment to Yourself


You will be honest with yourself about your feelings, needs, and concerns.


You will be open to better understanding yourself and your relationship by listening to new ideas.


You will implement your personalized steps for at least four weeks. 

The Better Relationships Huddle is not for you if…


You don’t believe people can change.


You have completely given up on your relationship.


You’ve closed your mind to new ideas and support.

get answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the session?

You share with me your biggest issue with your relationship right now. The impact of getting things off your chest is immense, especially if you’ve been holding it in for a while. I listen intently without judgment or criticism. 

We then identify what you want to happen as a result of the session: what you want instead of what is happening now. We’ll explore your Relationship Language: how it’s helping or hurting, how to leverage it for better interactions, and how to communicate differently. I’ll talk you through how to shift your energy, master the skill of getting into neutral, and change your interactions with your partner so you get the outcome you want

At the end of the session, you’ll have 3 Relationship Actions which you can start working on straight away.

Can this work without my partner joining the session?

It sure can! In the best-case scenario, your partner will be interested in what you’ve learned and want to know how they can contribute to improving the relationship too. But even if this is not the case, you can make a difference through the changes I advise. When you transform your energy, behaviors, and communication skills, there is a ripple effect in how your partner interacts and communicates with you.

Can 45 minutes really make a difference?

Having worked with many clients, I know that it is indeed possible in 45 minutes to talk about your biggest relationship issue, identify what you want to change, and formulate a plan to get your needs met. It is the ideal kickstart for transforming your relationship. Plus, there is a Follow Up session which will (see request for more details on this in the comments)

However, sometimes clients are so relieved at having the space to talk openly and without judgement that they want to spend the whole 45 minutes offloading the weight they’ve been carrying around. If this is you, I won’t rush you. Letting it all out is essential for being able to move forward. In this case, I will recommend adding on a second discounted session where we can start exploring the future and identifying your action steps.

Do you guarantee results?

I can guarantee my commitment to you feeling better about yourself and your relationship. I can guarantee my support in helping you make the best choices for yourself and your relationship going forward, my support as you learn new relationship and communication skills, and that I will be a champion for you being a happier, healthier, and more harmonious partner and self.  

The outcome of your relationship though cannot be guaranteed. Humans are dynamic in nature and in our relationships. People’s wants and needs can change over time. I also cannot guarantee what actions you take in your relationship.

What if we are too far gone and it’s just best to end it?

You haven’t yet given up yet and you’re here on my page so there is hope. Even though you are worried you’re too far gone, I recommend working through the issues in this relationship before deciding to end it. This will give you the opportunity to view your relationship through the eyes of a happier, healthier, and more harmonious version of yourself. It can be hard to make decisions when emotions are high.

While it is extremely rare in my work with couples, sometimes it happens that you both cannot come to terms with each other’s wants or needs to the point that you decide to end the relationship. Even if this is the case, the work you do in the session will be immensely valuable. You’ll be better prepared for success in a new relationship and have a far greater understanding of your needs for a happy, healthy, harmonious relationship.

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Dr. Dar Hawks, Relationship Coach For Couples - Wishing You Happy, Healthy, Relationships

Hello, I’m Dr. Dar

Your Relationship is My Priority

Relationships are the cause of our joy and our pain.

I know how hard it can be when relationships are causing pain. In fact, every problem I have had in my life is the result of unhealthy relationships. 

Dozens of failed relationships sent me on a journey to better understand what was happening inside my relationships – and the impact I can have on a relationship. 

My travels through self-awareness, and my subsequent professional training in couples, life and family coaching have enabled me to discover and pursue my mission: helping others to create happy, healthy and harmonious relationships.

Only when we build relationships that are the source of our joy can we be happy in ourselves, in our family units, in our communities and – yes – in our world. 

And that’s why I have created my Relationship Success System for you. I want you to have the tools and support to fully understand your relationship and the power you have to shape that relationship into the source of joy you want it to be.

I’m so glad you are here as it shows that you value your relationship, that you are ready to create change, and you know it’s time to get support. This is your incredible first step.

Explore the advice and services I have to offer as a relationship coach. If you have any questions, I am here. Just click Contact Me and I’ll be in touch. 

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar 

I believe that healthy relationships are
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