The #1 Best Way to Remove Tear Stains On Dogs Face Naturally – Home Remedy

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Remove the Red Tear Stains on Dogs
Face and Paws
with this Home Remedy Solution

My first dog companion was a Maltese.  He was my companion when I got started with my career and into the start of my marriage. 

I remember him fondly and often.  He traveled with me for three years when I was working up and down the eastern coast of the US.  He was allowed in the office space and would go and visit everyone who would welcome him. 

He would sit at the table where I was working and be right next to me, always.   

And… I struggled constantly to keep the hair around his eyes and mouth white. He would get these red tear stains on his adorable dog face and those same stains would be on all the hair around his mouth.  

I tried different foods, spray-on products, liquid borax (ugh), angel eyes, brewer’s yeast, medications, and other products that are touted online…

None of them worked.

And… I am still sad about finding out how some of those products were not healthy for my pup. 

Sadly, my maltese passed after 16 lovely years of companionship.

Then, many years later, and after my first havanese passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I got another white pup… a havanese this time. 

My dogs are family members… they are my joy all day long. 

They represent what Love is and is not. 

I think we, humans, can learn a great deal from them about Love.

Here is a before picture of my white havanese dog from March of 2019
with Red Tear Stains on dogs face, his face and around his eyes.
As you can see, they are dark and all over his face.

Tear Stains On Dogs

Of course, I felt as though keeping his hair white was vain, and shameful.  But I also wondered if it was caused by something that was contributing to his allergies, or days when he was not as spry and active. 

I asked many veterinarians what to do.  I searched online for solutions.

I tried this product and that product.  I even tried a dilution of borax with water, which came highly recommended.

Oh my gosh, I thought, as my heart sank… am I poisoning my beloved four legged companion?

I kept my quest for a solution active – continuing my ongoing research and determined it could only be something that my dog was exposed to every day. Something that was in his food or in his water. 

Here is an after picture of my white dog from July 2020 with
NO Red Tear Stains on dogs face, his face, and around his eyes. 

Red Tear Stains Gone From White Dog'S Hair

The issue that is causing the red staining is a mineral or ingredient in the water we give them to drink.  It is an internal and external issue.  The water causes staining on the hair around their faces, and the staining from their tears is internal from drinking the water.

So, what is a pup parent to do?

Change the Water.

And I don’t mean refresh the bowl more often with fresh water.

I mean distilled water.

I started with bottled distilled water for a couple of months.  But then, started becoming aware of plastic leaching and did not want to affect my beloved pet with plastics if possible.

So, I invested in a water distiller.

And, when I noticed the difference in the health of my two dogs, I switched to drinking it too.

Here are the products I used to achieve these results. 

My pup feels better and is doing well.  (Note:  please use my affiliate links for these products to keep my account active on amazon and to help me as a business owner)

This is the water distiller I purchased and have been using for over 1 year now 5 times a week.  I use it more often because I drink this water also.

You’ll need these charcoal filters as well.  They are to be replaced every 4 to 6 months depending on how often you use your distiller.

I use these glass bottles to keep my distilled water available when needed in between running the distiller. Glass helps keep the water unpolluted from plastics or other chemicals leaching into the water.

Your distiller will need to be cleaned at least once a month. There is a residue that collects on the bottom after running it for clean chemical-free water. Once I saw that brownish white residue, I decided to drink distilled water also. This is the cleaner I use. Follow the instructions carefully.

If this is something you decide to try for your dear four-legged, please let me know.

Scroll down and leave me a comment.  Let me know how you and your dog are doing.  Share a picture or two.

And, if you feel inspired, take the Feel Good Energy/Superpower Quiz while you are here.

psst:  I wish more people knew about this simple solution. 
Please share this page with them too.

Disclaimer:  Please consult with your veterinarian regarding nutrition needs (food, water, etc.) for your dog.  This is informational only and does not provide, diagnose, or replace any professional medical advice or treatment.

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