Spring Clearing, Cleaning, and Nurturing

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I have been preparing for a relocation… just packing ahead of time, not having a specific destination in mind.

Dr. Dar Springclean

It’s how I roll.

I am creating space, calling in our next home, calling in buyers for our current home… The kitchen and china console – 1st to be boxed up. I am flabbergasted at how much I have packed so far… and now how much I am looking at with ‘I no longer need this’ eyes.

Which brings me to… it’s Spring and time to swap out the winter clothes for summer…

1) Do the Switch – Bye Bye Winter Clothes! Hello, Spring!
2) Purge – Donate or Chuck It if it’s damaged, doesn’t fit well or worn out… and
if you did not wear it last year, you probably won’t this year.
3) Divide & Conquer – Keep the Basics, Favorites & Glam Pieces (the rest, you
know what to do!)
4) Make a conscious choice – for every piece of clothing, undergarments, or
shoes you purchase this year, commit to donating 1 or 2 pieces from your

#NurtureYourNature #DrDar

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dar…

If I could share just one thing with you today, let it be this: you have the power to shape your relationship into what you want it to be.

I am Dar, the Relationship Healer. I help couples to solve the communication and relationship issues that could potentially tear them apart. 

Until I started on the coaching path that led to my formulation of the Relationship Languages, most of the problems in my life had been due to problematic relationships… relationships where I felt unable to communicate, where I was not being heard, where I was not feeling understood. 

I have learned that, to create happy, healthy, and harmonious relationships even when you have differences, you have to learn how to give and receive communication in a healthy way. You have to feel safe expressing how you feel and what you need. 

That’s the beauty of the Relationship Languages. Once understood, they are the key to safe, curious communication. 

I’m here to help you on your journey to understanding and being understood. 

From my heart to yours,

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