Save Your Relationship in a Weekend

For couples who are ready to make a last ditch effort to save their relationship

Think of all the struggles you’ve had trying to communicate, fix the issues, or get your partner to make one lasting change that would make a big difference in your relationship.

It’s enough to wreak havoc on your emotional and physical well-being.

Maybe You Feel Like You’re…

Constantly Walking On Eggshells

Saying "I'm Sorry" Even When It's Not Your Fault

Accused or Blamed for Everything

Tired of Being Bullied, Controlled, or Manipulated

What If Instead, You Felt…

Calm and In Control

Supported and Appreciated

Confident Communicating

Strong and Empowered

What If We Could Resolve the Issues in a Weekend?


Save Your Relationship in a Weekend

Heal Your Past, Resolve the Present, Design Your Future



Understand Your Relationship Languages

Discover your relationship language and how it differs from that of your partner. Resolve your biggest complaints, concerns, and criticisms by gaining a deep understanding of each other’s relationship language.  You’ll learn about the most destructive and constructive relationship habits… and how to stop being destructive, start being constructive.  You’ll learn how to ask for what you need from your partner when they’re being destructive.


Discover the 15 Relationship Competencies

Assess your satisfaction with each of the 15 relationship competencies necessary for happy, healthy relationships.  We’ll review your self-assessment, conduct a gap analysis, and work to resolve the ones you are not happy with in collaboration with your partner.


Situational Analysis and Strategic Plan

Know how to tap into the wisdom of your emotions without feeling badly about them or yourself.  Using the 4 basic positive and negative themes of emotions that subconsciously govern our behaviors, you’ll be able to restore your emotional well-being quickly. You will be equipped ahead of time to breeze through the times when you’re feeling the feels more intensely and when others may act out more than usual. 


Save Your Relationship in One Weekend Event

You will getaway for a facilitated, meditated, and guided weekend in Southwest Arizona where you will stay in a peaceful, private, and safe fully furnished casita with a kitchen.  We’ll confirm your meal arrangements, our schedule, and what we’ll be doing together before you arrive.  Once you arrive, after a proper welcome and intention setting ceremony, we’ll begin to work together on saving your marriage in one weekend.

What We’ll Do Together


Getting to Know You Call

Start with an introductory call to meet and connect with each other…. to see if we’re a fit for each other and whether or not you feel… or think… the save your marriage in one weekend is the best option for you and your partner.


Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality helps build trust and a safe space for us so that we can quickly get to work on saving your relationship in a weekend. A strict confidentiality policy is a requirement due to the intimate nature of the work that we’ll be doing together… that means, if I don’t have explicit, written or verbal permission (confirmed in the presence of your partner prior to sharing) from you to share something with your partner… or anyone else… I won’t… not even with my husband.

(There are only 2 exceptions: legal requirement or any concern for your safety/wellbeing).


1 on 1 Call with Each of You, Individually

Once you and your partner complete the Relationship Languages and 15 Competencies self-assessments, and Confidentiality Agreement … we’ll meet by phone or zoom individually to walk through your requirements, needs, along with the big and small things you want to resolve in your marriage.  I’ll also answer all your questions and concerns.  We’ll mutually align and agree on what to discuss in the joint call with you, your partner, and me.


1 Call with Both of You, Together

During this facilitated call, we’ll already have worked out a plan on what to discuss together which I will review with both of you.  You’ll each have an opportunity to share anything you’d like, safely, with guidance and mediation from me.  We’ll discuss next steps and you’ll make a decision to move forward with schedule your save your marriage in one weekend event date with me and make arrangements for meals.


Schedule Your Relationship in One Weekend Event

Your weekend will be held in Arizona where you will stay overnight in a lovely, private, safe, and fairly secluded fully furnished casita with a kitchen.  We’ll confirm your meal arrangements, our schedule, and what we’ll be doing together before you arrive.  Once you get arrive, after a proper welcome and intention setting ceremony, we’ll begin to work together on saving your marriage in one weekend. If travel is not feasible, alternative arrangements can be made to best support you both.


Post Event Triage and Nurture Support

 into the We’ve done a lot up to this point… And now you’re at home, interacting with each other in your day to day life.  In my experience, this is the time couples slip back into their prior habits and ways of interacting.

It takes time to implement all that you’ve learned and ongoing support helps you stay grounded, and keep forward momentum on the progress made during the weekend. A 60-day support plan is included after which we can work out what you need going forward to keep your relationship happy, healthy, and harmonious.

Often, one or both of you will want triage support for those times when things get a bit heated so that we can put some water on the fire and get you back on track.  It’s hard to predict what’s needed at this point, but I can tell you that every couple does want some level of post event triage (like a 911 call to me) and nurture support. 

There is a difference between falling in love and having a relationship. ~Keanu Reeves

What My Clients Say

Testimonials For Relationship Healer - Dr. Dar Hawks
Testimonial 8 - Dr. Dar Hawks
How is it possible to save my marriage in one weekend?

Unlike other programs, this is not a drag it out for months model.  Your heart, time and wallet are too precious to waste… as is my time, heart, and energy I put in. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve developed a system to help you save your marriage in a short amount of time… but you have to be open to and willing to do the work. Let’s put everything on the table with honesty, get you off the stay or leave fence, and let’s get this done.  By the end of the 2 day event, you both will know what it will take and how to save your marriage.

My spouse is concerned about you being biased as a woman or that you'll take sides.

Unfortunately, many couples I have worked with have had negative experiences with other service providers not being impartial.  And… nothing speaks louder than having a conversation so that you can experience my impartial and objective approach, clean and clear communication, and high integrity – schedule your consultation and let’s meet and connect with each other today.  My services are rooted in positive psychology, ontology, relationship and life coaching, and metaphysics… not traditional diagnostic therapy.  That is a fancy way of saying I am solution and fix it oriented + you are in control of your choices every step of the way.

In addiSave Your Marriage in One Weekend

What are your credentials?

I am grateful you asked… click here to learn more about me and my credentials. Save Your Marriage in One Weekend

What if my spouse will not do this but I want to?

It’s helpful to work with both of you but there are times one person is not yet willing to do so.  Yes, we can do alot together to help you save your marriage without you having to incur the travel expenses.

Can I share this with my friends?

It would be wonderful if you would share this with your friends who could benefit from my services as my prime method of thriving as a business is through word of mouth and your testimonials. I have a strict confidentiality policy and do not share what we do with anyone unless required by law. Save Your Marriage in One Weekend

How much does the save your marriage in one weekend cost?

Since this is a customized approach, unique to you and your relationship so the cost varies from couple to couple depending on how much effort and time is involved prior to the weekend, in between triage support, what is planned for the weekend, as well as any post weekend support. You should also plan on travel expenses as well as meals.  Go ahead and schedule time for us to walk through your needs and work out a solution package for you. Save Your Marriage in One Weekend

Are refunds available?

Like your marriage, this is a big commitment by all of us. Half of the total payment is due upon invoicing and the other half 1 week after your weekend event. I have never had anyone request a refund in the fifteen years of me providing this program.  Should you cancel prior to the weekend event, the first half payment is not refunded; however, we can make other coaching arrangements to assist you in moving forward in your relationship or individually.

Title - Circle - Dr. Dar Hawks - Red
Dr. Dar Hawks, Relationship Coach For Couples - Wishing You Happy, Healthy, Relationships

Hello, I’m Dr. Dar

Your Relationship is Your Priority

Relationships are the cause of our joy and our pain.

I know how hard it can be when relationships are causing pain. In fact, every problem I have had in my life is the result of unhealthy relationships. Better Relationship Toolkit

Dozens of failed relationships sent me on a journey to better understand what was happening inside my relationships – and the impact I can have on a relationship. 

My travels through self-awareness, and my subsequent professional training in couples, life and family coaching have enabled me to discover and pursue my mission: helping others to create happy, healthy and harmonious relationships. we be happy in ourselves, in our family units, in our communities and – yes – in our world. 

And that’s why I have created my Relationship Success System for you. I want you to have the tools and support to fully understand your relationship and the power you have to shape that relationship into the source of joy you want it to be. Better Relationship Toolkit

I’m so glad you are here as it shows that you value your relationship, that you are ready to create change, and you know it’s time to get support. This is your incredible first step.

Explore the advice and services I have to offer. If you have any questions, I am here. Just head to the Contact Me button and I’ll be in touch. Better Relationship Toolkit

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar 

i believe that

Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationships are created by


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