3 Inspirations for My Mood Board

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Mood Board Dr. Dar

Why Create a Mood Board

Being out in the world as an empath, sensitive, emotional, projector, reflector, people pleaser, or giver takes a lot out of us.

I needed something visual… that tapped into my inner feel good… to look at before my day started to be centered… during the day… and at the end of my day… something that would put me in a space of appreciation and gratitude for all that is life.

So… I created my mood board… and with these 3 inspirations for my mood board:

  1. Astrology from an energetic and practical perspective is of interest to me – I feel as though humans are energy and are consequently affected by energy… given my moon sign is Pisces, it makes sense to me as to why I am drawn to these images – it is a very Pisces energetic connection.   Astrology is the ultimate self-awareness tool along with the next inspiration for my mood board.m I ready for a relationship – mood board
  2. Human Design… or as I call it… The Body Energy Map is a foundation of my work and business… collaborating with the energy in the human body that is unique to each person is another incredible self awareness and self management tool.

    I’m a 4/6 Mental Projector and the picture in the sky at the time of my birth represents energies that influence my body, mind, environment, moods, and more.  These images align with my thoughts that there are unseen forces, I call energy, that conspire on our behalf.  The mystic in me loves these images. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

  3. Harmony, calm, serenity… ahhhh.  These images feel good to me as a people pleaser, INFJ, 9 on the Enneagram, and a metaphysician.  Plus I love the color purple. m I read

There are too many opinions about how to do a mood board… the right way… and the truth is… there is only your way… the one that feels good to you… that brings you peace, joy, freedom, and ease.

I do think that there are energies much larger than ourselves that are conspiring on our behalf, for our highest purpose and goodness… we can tap into those energies through images, words, silence, and being.  Listen for them as you tune into your feels instead of your thoughts as you create your mood I ready for a relationship – mood board

I think that what we believe… and think… manifests in our real world as life experience.  Thoughts become things – thank you Mike Dooley for those words that resonated in the deep recesses of my body so many years ago.  

You may be asking, what if I change my mind.  That’s ok… you can create or change up your mood board.

But… I stopped changing mine up frequently… in fact, once I tuned into my feels… and got clear about how I want to consistently feel… and what energy I want to tap into… my mood board has not changed.  Align with your higher self… and the feel good vibe as you create yours.  The key is to get out of your head… and listen to your body.

A long example of how energy works on your behalf… or not… starting with your mindset:

In my early 20’s, I knew I wanted to be in a loving relationship with my life partner… I longed for love… and after many breakups, rejections, tears, heart aches, pain, fights, failures, and moments of giving up and moments of saying I am going to be alone… I knew deep down that being alone was not for me… am I ready for a relationship

I knew I had to do something.  All the books, workshops, and coaching about dating, love, and relationships did not work for me… they did not produce the results I was looking for.  And… they pushed someone else’s opinion about what I should or should not be doing.  I knew that the relationship landscape is unique for each person… because each human being is unique in their life experience. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

Nothing was working… so I created the Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz for myself… so that I could understand what I was thinking… and feeling… and clearly see where I was out of alignment and needed to make some mindset shifts. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

When I was done with assessing myself… I knew I needed to create something to put me into action… doing the things that I needed to do to become ready for the relationship and love of my life… to be fully loved, accepted, understood, and heard. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

I created a workshop to coach myself out of the pained heartbroken mindset… to shift into an attraction mindset… shattering all the common beliefs about relationships, love, and dating.

I let go of knowing how I would meet my love in the world I lived in… and instead I trusted in powers higher and greater than me… while also doing my inner and outer mindset and emotional work… m I ready for a relationship – mood board

And you know what? m I ready for a relationship – mood board

Within 6 weeks… still trusting… I met the love of my life… m I ready for a relationship – mood board

It was not hard, it was not difficult, it was not stressful. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

I just took one step at a time… and worked on my inner attraction magnet.  And I believed it would happen, will happen, and is happening. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

I did not pay attention to this world’s opinions, statistics, or even my past based experience.

I knew that I could plug into any opinion that either supported me in my dreams or killed my dreams. I knew I could find ample information supporting either perspective. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

I chose not to seek opinions outside of my higher self.  I knew my past based experience could create my future or I could create my future with an open heart, mind, body, and spirit through my choices going forward… my past no longer creates my present or my future. My past contributes to applying learning into my present and future… but I no longer rely on my past because well, it is behind me now and it no longer serves me in the now.

That belief and faith in powers and energies so large my itty bitty mind cannot wrap around it… is what inspired these images and my new brand. m I ready for a relationship – mood board

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