How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

Take the Healthy Relationship Quiz to find out now

The Healthy Relationship Quiz will help you identify what is and is not working in your relationship so that you can calmly work on strengthening your relationship by celebrating what you’re doing well while improving what’s not going well. healthy relationship quiz  

The Healthy Relationship Quiz is based on twenty years of working directly with couples to save their marriage and identifies fifteen areas of health these couples said mattered to them to stay in the relationship.  You will learn the specific areas to focus on to strengthen and improve your relationship, and even save your marriage. healthy relationship quiz  

There is no such thing as failing on this quiz, only improving.  It’s hard to make things better if you don’t clearly and specifically know what you’re not fully satisfied with.  The healthy relationship quiz will help you know exactly what you’re elated about in your relationship and what needs improvement. If you’re convincing yourself it’s not that bad and choose a higher score, I invite you to be brutally honest with yourself instead of trying to sugarcoat it. healthy relationship quiz  

It’s alright to not feel good about your responses… knowing exactly where you are helps you learn more about where to place your focus to strengthen your relationship today.  If you find your mind doubting or questioning your answer, I invite you to resist changing it. healthy relationship quiz  How healthy is your relationship?

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