Heal Your Past

To have a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship today

Does any of this sound familiar?

You find your heart, spirit, and feelings have highs and lows.

You feel exhausted before day’s end.

You prefer being in a relationship than without one.

You tend to stay in relationships for way too long because you are committed and you over commit.

At the end of each year, you don’t feel like you accomplished all that you intended.

You’re curious about self-improvement, astrology, human design, energy, healing, or other topics but don’t want to be an expert in any of them.

COVID has prevented you from being as social as you used to be, and now you’d love to have a community of like spirited women who collaborate to heal themselves, love their present, and design their future from the present.


Maybe You’re Thinking…


I've tried everything I can to fix the relationship but nothing works for long


I try to communicate and connect, but it feels like I am talking to a wall


I don't understand how he/she wouldn't say or do what it takes to fix the issues

What If You Felt This Instead?

Calm, Confident, and In Control

Supported, Understood, and Appreciated

Strong and Empowered

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You can heal from your
past relationship(s) so that
you can have a happy one today


Gently walk through what’s happened in your relationships to heal any lingering painful memories, triggers, and transform your emotional wounds.


Be confident in yourself and your ability to make sound decisions in who you share yourself and your life with.


Be appreciated, valued, respected, and treated as an equal by the people in your life… with a healthy balance of giving and receiving.


Stop toxicity and drama by transforming your energy (such as: mood, thoughts, feelings, sensing, hearing, intuition, posture). You will rewire past based subconscious programming, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the energy you put out into the world. 

Twelve Soulful Needs

12 Universal Human Needs in a beautiful graphic for you to reference.

When you’re feeling emotional, sensitive, triggered, or hurt, you can use this as a guide to help you sort out what’s really going on without taking days or even hours. You will also know how to get centered again.

Calm Your Moods

It’s hard to deal with emotional bursts, anxious moments, or when others are misbehaving. I’ll show you ways to hold your hands to help you ease through any situations calmly.

You will be able to control your reaction, think clearly, and see the best way to manage the situation.

Learn 7 ways to hold your hands for inner calm and control.

Relationship Pitfalls

 You will stop unconsciously falling into these pitfalls going forward in any relationship by being aware of them. 

You will create support structures to help you avoid these pitfall and how to get out if you find yourself into one.

Private Coaching Sessions

Two half-hour confidential, private 1:1 coaching sessions (to be used within 30 days).

These are included to provide you with additional nurturing support to ease through anything that comes up for you such as fears, concerns, questions, or clear any blocks.

Count Me In

I want to learn how to heal my past, love my life now, and design my future.


Hi, I’m Dr. Dar…

I am so glad you’re here for support, guidance, and tools… to help you heal from your past relationship pain and have healthy relationships going forward starting now. This is for you if you’re single, in a complicated situation, or even in a relationship because it’s an opportunity for you to be free from your past conditioning so that you can create a happy relationship in the now. 

This is like going to relationship school to gain skills and knowledge to help you have healthy relationships going forward.

A bit about why I’m your best choice to help you… I’ve had real life relationship pains and struggles… and I too needed to heal from past relationships… read about it here.

And I’ve had many years of relationship and life coach professional training (years, not a weekend workshop)… plus a Ph.D.  I even wrote a letter to myself about relationships to help me have hope in my dream to have a life-long loving, healthy relationship.  This is the same system I used to remove toxicity from my life, build self confidence and be in control in even the toughest of relationships… only now, it’s even better because as I continue my learning and work with my clients, I add improvements along the way that helps them have the love they crave and need.

Allow yourself this gift of relationship schooling… so that you can be calm, confident, and in control… create healthy relationships in your life… and above all be happy.


Count Me In

I want to heal my past relationships, let go once and for all, and cut any remaining cords of attachment that are keeping me from being happy and having great relationships.

Your past energetically creates your experience in the present and influences your future. When you heal your past, you can actively and subconsciously design your future from the present. This is how you have a happy, fulfilling life with healthy, harmonious, relationships.~ Dr. Dar

Frequently Asked Questions & More Details

I am still unsure and may have some questions

I’d love to connect with you and answer all of your questions… you’ll also get loving support and some coaching too.  I’ll be truthful with you and let you know if this system will help you without pushing you to buy.  I honor your choice and what’s best for you.  Get On My Calendar let’s see if this is a fit for you.

What If I am not in a relationship, will this work for me?

The best time to work on yourself and learn relationship skills is… when you’re ready.  It does not matter if you’re in a relationship or not.  You’re an individual first and foremost… so working on your healing process and learning relationship skills can work for you now to create healthy loving relationships, even if you are not in one now.

What will we do - How does this work?

I have created a structured process to shift from healing to being healed drawing from astrology, archetypes, human design, laws of physics, energetic principles, relationship and communication competencies, the Relationship Behavior System™, and the five Relationship Languages™.  

With the launch of this program, you will receive more 1 on 1 and group support as we co-create the future of this program from the present.  That means you receive more support for the program launch as a founding member.

I don't know anything about astrology, archetypes, physics or Human Design, will this work for me?

You don’t need to know anything about these systems or methods. In fact, it’s better that you don’t.  Just bring your curiousity, open mind, and heart, desire to heal, and desire to be an active creator of your future. 

I’ve created a system (one that I use) that does not require you to know anything about the tools I used to become healed from people caused trauma.  Join now and let’s start playing, because through play, we create our future from the present.

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