Dating and Gift Giving: What to do?

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Dating and Gift Giving: What to do

What are the best types of gifts to give to someone you’re dating – when you want to indicate you like them, but you’re not quite ready to say, “I love you”? Do you have any advice when it comes to giving gifts, especially when it’s early in the relationship and you happen to be dating during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, etc.). Are there any types of gifts that we single men and women should avoid giving to our dates?

Dr. Dar Says

Gift giving can be a conundrum when wanting to acknowledge your date early on in the relationship, especially during the holidays.  Giving a ring as a gift can lead to misinterpretations even if they are friendship rings because a ring represents a deeper commitment.  Actually, giving jewelry early in the relationship is something I do not recommend because again, it represents a deeper level of commitment.  Here are some ideas whether you are male or female:  flowers are great even if you are a man receiving them; a box of favorite candy or chocolate; an invitation for another date where you plan going to a concert or play; some movie tickets or a gift of some movie rentals; a cd of their favorite music; gift certificates are a great way to appreciate your date such as a gift certificate to a restaurant that you can enjoy together or a gift certificate to their favorite clothing store; and my favorite: asking them out to celebrate the holiday combined with an opportunity for both of you to learn more about that specific holiday is always interesting.  A gift that shows you listen to them, are learning about them, are paying attention to what they like, and want to give them a token of your appreciation will suffice.  By the way, always include a card that best illustrates ‘You Like Them’ instead of implicating the other ‘L’ word.

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