How Well Do I Listen – Listening Quiz

A quiz to help couples communicate and connect better

Listening is a precious gift that creates an incredible connection in all our relationships. As a people pleaser and giver, listening requires connection, collaboration, and affirming understanding, especially in relationships with people who are not people pleasers. It requires silence and letting go of the need to analyze or interpret. Regardless of how you feel about Ellen DeGeneres, she said something in her wedding vows that has stuck with me for many years: “It is good to be loved. It is profound to be understood.”  And the key to being understood, is listening.

The How well do you listen listening quiz is short, allows you to assess your listening skills in any specific relationship, and gives you clues for improving your listening skills in that relationship.

Take 20 minutes in solitude and honest introspection as you take the How Well Do I Listen Listening Quiz

Remember to trust your go with your first response as it’s most in tune with your heart. This is not a pass/fail quiz for evaluating how well you listen like you used to get in school. It is more about your honest assessment of how well you listen.  I recommend you keep one person or relationship in mind to evaluate how well you listen to them as you take the listening quiz.  It is quite alright to not feel good about your honest answer.  That helps you learn more about where and with whom to improve your listening. How well do I listen listening quiz for people pleasers

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