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Improve the relationship you have to create the relationship you deserve

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a fresh approach to relationship advice

  • You need more than just relationship advice. 
  • You need more than understanding what makes
    relationships work.
  • You need the practical steps to put that understanding into action.
  • You need the Better Relationships Toolkit.

it’s time to get relationship support

It could be the little things chipping away at your relationship, like bickering over chores or just not making time for each other as often…

Or it could be the bigger things, like cheating or constant shouting…

But you know that something needs to change if you’re going to be happy inside your relationship.

How do you know if it’s time to get relationship support?

  • You feel anxious talking about certain issues because it always ends in raised voices and makes things worse than they already are…
  • You’ve had sleepless nights worrying about what the future holds…
  • You’re upset about your partner’s choices and actions but don’t know what to do about it…
  • You dream of a calm, happy relationship but doubt it can happen the way things are right now…
  • You’re feeling embarrassed about your relationship and cannot believe it’s happening to you…
  • You’re frustrated that things are just not getting better, no matter what you do or say…

I hear you, and I can help.

It’s time to get the Better Relationships Toolkit.

changing your relationship is possible

Based on years of couples coaching, my Better Relationship Toolkit gives you what you need to understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. 

But it goes a huge step further by also giving you the practical action steps you can take to actually use the relationship advice.

The result is a happier, healthier, more harmonious relationship.

The Better Relationship Toolkit creates change

  • Understand your own relationship needs
  • Learn how to ask for what you need
  • Have meaningful conversations
  • Learn new healthy relationship habits
  • Manage emotions and feelings effectively
  • Increase respect and trust
  • Learn to compromise
  • Resolve conflict
  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Be happier together, today

Having a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship doesn’t have to be so hard. It can be as easy as working through The Better Relationships Toolkit.

You’ll find even more love for each other as you learn the skills that will bring you closer, and help you be more confident in yourself, each other, and your relationship. 

You can have a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship starting today.

inside the Better Relationships Toolkit

I’ve selected the best models, resources, and approaches that I use with my relationship coaching clients face-to-face, and I’ve designed them so you can work through them at home.

Ideally, you’ll work through the Toolkit with your partner. But, I know that one of the biggest hurdles my clients face is getting their partners to engage in relationship coaching.

Even if you are doing this alone for now, you can learn the skills that will allow you to make shifts needed to change the course of your relationship.

Let’s look at what you’ll find inside…

The 5 Relationship Languages

Learning about the 5 Relationship Languages is the key to understanding yourself and each other better. This resource explores all 5 languages. 

Once aware of your Primary Relationship Language, you’ll be more aware of your needs, be able to manage your expectations of your partner, manage differences better, and communicate more openly without getting upset.

Included is a worksheet for you to record your findings about yourself, and your partner if applicable. This will be a daily reminder of what brings out the best in you.

The Relationship Behavior System

The Relationship Behavior System teaches you about the source of human behavior.

This understanding will give you a whole new perspective on your partner’s behavior, and your own.

Knowledge is power, and that’s never truer than when we are understanding our own relationships. 

Your Emotional Bank Account

The give and take in your relationship is central to how much trust you and your partner have in your relationship.

This resource includes a worksheet so you can evaluate what is helping build a healthy relationship and what is taking away from its growth. 

Your Relationship Mindset

This worksheet guides you through shifting your mindset from negative to positive.

Being able to focus on the positive will help your relationship be as happy and healthy as possible.

Curious Communication Method

Having conversations rather than confrontations will support the harmony of your relationship. My 5-step Curious Communicate Method will draw you closer together, make you both feel ultra-supported by each other, and build a deeper emotional connection.

This resource includes a flow chart and a series of conversation scripts to use every day.

The Interests Bucket Seesaw Model

The balance between individuality and shared quality time is essential for a healthy relationship. This model explores how you can manage this dynamic in your relationship.

This resource includes the model as well as a worksheet for you to evaluate the balance in your relationship.

bonus relationship support

Currently included with the Better Relationship Toolkit, you will also benefit from these bonuses….
Managing Your Own Energy - Relationship Skills For Couples - Dr. Dar Hawks

Getting Intimate With Your Emotions

Gain crucial insights into your emotions, your feelings, and how to manage those emotional waves we all experience. It’s time to take back control.

Healthy Mindsets - 2 Healthy Individuals - Dr. Dar Hawks

Nurturing Your Nature Self-Care Essentials

You need to take care of YOU before you can take care of anyone else. This bonus is full of resources to make sure you are making yourself a priority.

Relationship Distress Scale - Dr. Dar Hawks

Relationship Distress Scale

This handy scale is the key to checking in on how you are feeling in your relationship and what you need next.

Dr Dar Hawks - Better Relationships Huddle Icon

Discount on a 1:1 Relationship Coaching Session

Though this Toolkit is designed for you to work through yourself, or with your partner, you may find you want to do deeper work through a relationship coaching session. As a thank you for investing in the Toolkit, I’m offering you a special discount on a 1:1 relationship coaching session with me. You will be offered this discount at the checkout when you purchase the Toolkit.

nurturing support for your relationship

Video Lessons

I will walk you through each resource in your toolkit, giving you further examples of what to do to make your relationship better, and how to retain the new skills so that you don’t go back to the way things were.

Included is a worksheet for you to record your findings about yourself, and your partner if applicable. This will be a daily reminder of what brings out the best in you.

Self Assessment Worksheets

I’ve included jJournaling, affirmations, and worksheets to help you evaluate where you are currently with your relationship skills so you know which areas to improve upon.

Membership in the Private Facebook Group

You also be invited to access my membership: Relationship Success. This is my private Facebook Group where you receive additional tips, advice, and discounts on new tools.

Want More Personal Input?

You can use the discount included in your Toolkit to book a 1:1 online relationship coaching session with me. I’ll give you personal support in using the tools to create a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship with your partner. Plus, you can pick my relationship coaching brain about anything at all.

Better Relationships Toolkit Dr Dar Hawks

need to know more before you commit?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my Better Relationships Toolkit delivered?
After you submit your payment, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download your full Toolkit. I’ll also send you an email with the link in case you are unable to download the Toolkit at checkout.
Can I use the Better Relationships Toolkit without my partner?
In an ideal world, you and your partner will work through the Toolkit together. But I know that you may be struggling to get your partner to engage with getting help for your relationship.

You most definitely can work your way through the Toolkit on your own. The skills and insights you gain are ones you can put into action even without your partner. You’ll be amazed at how much influence you’ll have on the dynamics of your relationship once you put the Toolkit into action.

Will the Better Relationships Toolkit save my marriage?
I can’t guarantee that the Toolkit will save any relationship. Relationships are complex. But what I can guarantee is that you’ll gain huge understanding about what you need from a relationship, impactful awareness about the roots of behavior in your relationship, and tools to help you make the changes in your relationship that you want.
Which payment methods do you accept ?
Credit and debit card or Paypal.
How do I schedule my add-on relationship coaching session?
If you added this to your cart when purchasing the Toollkit, you should have been emailed the calendar link to book your session.

If you have purchased the Toolkit and wish to purchase a session, you would have been sent a link with the Toolkit including the discount code.


If you need the links again, please email

The first important relationship you will ever have is with yourself, the second is with your life partner. Investing in making these two relationships better will bring happiness, health and harmony in your life.  ~Dr Dar Hawks

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Dr. Dar Hawks, Relationship Coach For Couples - Wishing You Happy, Healthy, Relationships

Hello, I’m Dr. Dar

Your Relationship is Your Priority

Relationships are the cause of our joy and our pain.

I know how hard it can be when relationships are causing pain. In fact, every problem I have had in my life is the result of unhealthy relationships. Better Relationship Toolkit

Dozens of failed relationships sent me on a journey to better understand what was happening inside my relationships – and the impact I can have on a relationship. 

My travels through self-awareness, and my subsequent professional training in couples, life and family coaching have enabled me to discover and pursue my mission: helping others to create happy, healthy and harmonious relationships. we be happy in ourselves, in our family units, in our communities and – yes – in our world. 

And that’s why I have created my Relationship Success System for you. I want you to have the tools and support to fully understand your relationship and the power you have to shape that relationship into the source of joy you want it to be. Better Relationship Toolkit

I’m so glad you are here as it shows that you value your relationship, that you are ready to create change, and that you know it’s time to get support. This is your incredible first step.

Explore the advice and services I have to offer. If you have any questions, I am here. Just head to the Contact Me button and I’ll be in touch. Better Relationship Toolkit.

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar 

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