6 Ways to Become a Better Wife

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  6 ways to become a better wife and create a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship

A supportive wife is someone who is understanding and patient, always supportive, avoids criticizing, makes time for her spouse, and is interested in what her spouse enjoys. A supportive wife is there for her spouse through thick and thin, and strives to build a strong foundation for their marriage.

Becoming a supportive better wife is not something that happens overnight. It requires daily focus, dedication, managing your emotions nfand patience. Here are some tips that I have found to be helpful in my journey to becoming a better wife:

1. Be understanding and patient.

Marriage is not always easy, and there will be times when your spouse is upset or frustrated with you. Instead of getting defensive or angry, try to be understanding and patient. Listen to what they have to say, and try to understand their point of view. This will help to build a stronger foundation for your marriage.

2. Always be supportive.

Your spouse should always be able to count on you for support, no matter what the situation is. When they are going through a difficult time, be there for them and offer your support. Let them know that you are there for them, and they can rely on you.

3. Avoid criticizing them.

It can be tempting to criticize your spouse when they make a mistake or do something that you don’t agree with, but this is not productive and can actually damage your relationship. Try to avoid criticizing them as much as possible, and instead focus on positive reinforcement. Criticism can often feel like nitpicking and can be very damaging to morale.

4. Make time for each other.

It is important to make time for each other in order to maintain a strong relationship. Set aside time each week where you can spend quality time together without distractions. This can be anything from going out for dinner or a movie, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just spending time at home talking and relaxing together.

5. Show interest in their hobbies and interests.

Your spouse likely has hobbies and interests that are important to them, and it is important to show interest in these things. Trying to understand what they enjoy doing and why it is important to them can help strengthen your bond as a couple. Additionally, participating in some of their hobbies together can be a lot of fun!

6. Communicate with gentle curiosity

One of the most important things you can do as a supportive wife is to learn how to communicate in a compassionate, supportive, and curious way. This means listening to your spouse with patience and understanding, and asking curious questions to better understand their point of view. It can also mean being supportive when they are going through a difficult time, and avoiding criticism. By communicating in this way, you will help to build a stronger foundation for your marriage. Learning to communicate in a compassionate, supportive, and curious way can results in your spouse opening up, sharing his thoughts, feelings, and life with you.

If these tips are not giving you enough ideas about how to bring them into your relationship or marriage, no worries, I am here to support you.  If you would like help for becoming a supportive and better wife, hire Dr. Dar, relationship coach and healer for women.

Dr. Dar (Ph.D.) is a highly experienced and qualified relationship coach who can help you to become the best wife possible. She will provide you with the tools and advice necessary to improve your marriage, communicate in ways to bring you closer, and build a stronger foundation for your relationship. Contact her today to get started!


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